All Mortal Instruments books. They are epub files in English. This is all the books for The Shadow Hunters series, if some of them don't work, please let me know in a comment Fray's search for. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. 1 City of Bones. 4 City of Fallen MB 6 City of Heavenly KB.

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The Seven Realms Series (Cinda Williams Chima) The Infernal Devices Series (Cassandra Clare) The Mortal Instruments Series (Cassandra Clare). The Mortal Instruments (part: Bk. 1) First in Cassandra Clare's internationally bestselling Mortal Instruments series about the Recommended Titles. EPUB. Download The Mortal Instruments Books () PDF Ebook by Cassandra Clare for Free.

The first image was of him and Isabelle, sparring sticks raised and Izzy was in mid air, her form perfect and aim true.

Jace was crouching back on himself, raising his own stick to catch her when she hit him. Isabelle was coming down at an angle to him, her sparring stick pointed to him, a look of determination in her dark eyes.

At the angle she was, she was blocking the setting sun from entering the window and was but a silhouette lined by the stretching rays around her. It seemed she was up there for an eternity but she did come down, come crashing down, on him.

His stick caught hers, keeping her from hitting his throat or his face, knocking it away from him so it pierced through the air above his shoulder and Isabelle's kick was a hair away from landing on him, he ducked and rolled to his right, smiling wickedly. He swung out an arm to catch her though before she hit the ground too hard, he then rested her down and swiftly pinned her. Izzy looks to Jace as she sits up and stretches out the muscles he'd pulled to pin her.

I know you're backs been killing you recently, didn't want you to hit the ground too hard. If she's sloppy, then she falls and gets hurt. She needs to be stronger.

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The next image though was Alec. Alec never liked pictures but he looked, for lack of a better word, adorable. He was sipping on a coffee with whipped cream and they were sitting in a cafe, Jace couldn't recall which. Alec's hair was rustled and he looked tired but yet so alive. He normally only liked black coffee, and only black coffee, but today Jace had forced him to expand upon his coffee choices. When he sipped it he made a face and there was a line of whipped cream on his upper lip.

He loved Alec like one would a brother but because they were Parabatai, he also loved him like one would a best friend and it was a strong, strong bond. There was a sort of peace and comfort he found sitting with Alec that he couldn't find anywhere else, not even with Izzy.

How do you drink he crap? You drink it black! Like pure black!

Those coffees are fucking disgusting! There's no flavour!

He returned moments later with a different coffee cup which he sat in front of Jace. It was a cup filled with pure black coffee. Jace groaned. Bottoms up! They both clicked cups and then drank and their faces were of pure disgust as they swallowed the coffees.

Jace smiles gently and laughs at the memory, he can still taste the bitter coffee in his mouth and remember how Alec had made him drink it all like he'd make Alec drink his.

The next image was a rare sight to see indeed. It was a picture of a tree in Central Park. People were going about their lives as normal in this park and were ignoring the obvious like mundanes often did. It looked to be mid summer in the picture and you can practically see the blistering heat radiating off the ground.

What you couldn't see though was the archer perched in the tree and a few branches up, his sister, poised in movement ready to jump on signal. Izzy and Alec. They weren't invisible and they weren't wearing camouflage, in fact they were just simply adorned with their gear but no one ever bothered to look up and close at the minor details. Alec grunted in reply adjusting himself in the tree, watching the movements of the people below them, they were waiting for someone very specific, for a demon.

Jace spotted the demon and whistled once to his Parabatai and sister. Alec suddenly pulled and arrow from the seemingly empty arrow sheath on his back, but an arrow materialized when he reached back there.

Mortal Instrument City of Bones Bk 1

When Jace and Clary meet again, Clary is horrified to discover that the demon Lilith? The Clave is out to destroy Sebastian, but there is no way to harm one boy without destroying the other. As Alec, Magnus, Simon, and Isabelle wheedle and bargain with Seelies, demons, and the merciless Iron Sisters to try to save Jace, Clary plays a dangerous game of her own.

The price of losing is not just her own life, but Jace? Or is he truly lost?

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Walker Books Ltd. Registered in England under Company No.Izzy looked down to Jace, smiling brightly just as Alec did, the pair of them had Cheshire Cat like smiles, wide and shining but beautiful and enrapturing.

Description Second in Cassandra Clare's internationally bestselling Mortal Instruments series about the Shadowhunters. More to explore Published on Mar 11, Actions Shares. It's not my job to care how people feel or whatever.

Jace spotted the demon and whistled once to his Parabatai and sister.

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