Reason to Breathe book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. No one tried to get involved with me, and I kept to myself. T. Book Review – Reason to Breathe (Breathing #1) by Rebecca Donovan. July 6, by Aestas · 6 Comments. “In the balance of love and loss, it was love that. Reason to Breathe is the first book in the million-copy bestselling Breathing Series. “No one tried to get involved with me, and I kept to myself. This was the place.

Reason To Breathe Book

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "When hope is a fragile thread, love is a miracle." — Tammara Reason To Breathe (The Breathing Series, Book 1) site Edition. by. Reason to Breathe is first novel in the new adult trilogy The Breathing Series by USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Donovan. Reason To Breathe (The Breathing Series, #1) Assuredly, this is one great (tragic ) story. So often recommended and the only thing holding me.

How could Evan Mathews unravel my constant universe in just one day?

Without expecting it, she finds love. I was sobbing uncontrollably.

My chest was hurting. And I was only on the second chapter of this heartbreaking and very confronting story about a young girl and the living hell that she calls life. Emma is a sixteen year old girl who is counting down the days to when she moves out of home and goes to college. She is an overachiever at school, equally brilliant in her academic as well as her athletic pursuits, but instead of being a shining star, she strives to fade into the background and stay unnoticed.

I was easily forgettable.

And that is how long she has been living a nightmare. No one except Sara knows that Emma is abused at home by a woman who is so severely deranged that I am still struggling to define her madness.

She hides her bruises and welts but she hides her emotional scars even better. Until she meets Evan.

Evan notices her, she intrigues him and makes him want to know her better. But Evan is just as relentless. By only allowing the reader to see the whole picture, the author made us sole witnesses to such horror that my mind started juggling with the idea of going catatonic in order to preserve itself. I wanted to shake her and scream at her to tell someone, anyone, and stop the abuse but I also understood why she chose to stay silent and endure it all.

Reason to Breathe: The Breathing Series Summary & Study Guide

She saw the end of high school as the end to her torture as well, never realising that some things follow you no matter where you go. That only confirmed her young age to me.

Will they be able to pick up where things left off? And can Emma manage to survive much longer living with her brutal aunt?

Reason To Breathe is a page-turner that keeps the reader captivated until the stunning ending. There are basically two storylines interwoven that will grab readers; the blossoming romance between Evan and Emma that gives her a "reason to breathe" and the gradual, brutal escalation of abuse by Carol that threatens to destroy Emma.

This novel is well written and well paced, with lots of engaging interaction between the characters to space out the sequences of abuse, giving the reader time to absorb what is happening.

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Many readers may not fancy Donovan's ending, but it is a fitting conclusion to a good novel. The only major contention I have with this novel revolves around the actions of adult characters peripheral to the story and how they dealt with the suspected abuse. This is best exemplified by the situation where Emma is hospitalized after an attack by Carol.

She is brutally attacked by her aunt who injures Emma's back. Emma manages to play in her basketball game despite being in a great deal of pain. But during the game, while scoring a final game-winning point, she falls and hits her head resulting in her hospitalization.

However, when the attending physician sees Emma's many bruises, he confronts her privately, asking what has happened and how she got her injuries.

He tells her that her bruising and a healing contusion are not consistent with her explanations. Despite his reservations, unbelievably Emma is released from hospital back into her aunt and uncle's care.

Reason to Breathe

Credibility is further stretched when she shows up at the hospital with an even more serious injury months later and also when her teachers stage an intervention and they also do not report their suspicions to authorities. Emma was failed by those adults who came into contact with her and were in a position to help her. In Connecticut, like other jurisdictions, anyone who works in a profession in which they have contact with children is mandated by law to report suspected abuse. This is pretty much standard protocol in both the United States and Canada.

To fail to do so, is negligence, as a young person's life might very well be at stake.

Having many characters suspect something was going on with Emma and not report, was a bit of dramatic license that allowed Donovan to push the story to its searing climax and to make a point about abuse.

Donovan has an interesting cast of characters in her novel, although the main protagonist. Emma Thomas seems a bit too perfect. Despite suffering from both physical and emotional abuse, Emma manages to maintain a 4. Despite her overachieving tendencies, Donovan has created a character who is likeable and strong. Emma is a character who elicits strong emotions from the reader; we want to protect and save her. Emma's strategy for dealing with her abuse is to be in the background, in the shadows both at school and at home.

Despite her best efforts to be a shadow, there is one person who won't allow her to do this. He knew I existed.

He was determined to pull me out from the shadows, and I couldn't get away from him. He wasn't deterred by my one-word answers or abrupt responses. He wasn't supposed to be paying attention to me, and I was trying, without success, to ignore him. But he was getting to me, and I think he knew it Her reasoning is that she will destroy the lives of her young cousins whom she loves dearly.

It is clear Emma is deeply in denial, believing she is strong enough to cope with the abuse. However, as Donovan demonstrates, like most abuse situations, the person being affected often cannot see the reality of their situation.

Abuse has a way of distorting perception. In Emma's case, she doesn't seem to realize just how bad the abuse has become and she believes that the consequences of reporting her abuser will outweigh the actual abuse.

She doesn't recognize that no matter how hard she tries to fly under Carol's radar, she's unable to protect herself. It is finally Evan who makes her realize this, too late. Sara McKinley is her faithful, stalwart friend who enables Emma again and again, putting her back together after abusive episodes, dressing and re-making her, but refusing to do what is right and tell her parents or teachers because of a misguided idea of friendship.Post Comments Atom.

Evan was just this wonderful ray of light in her life.

Book Review – Reason to Breathe by Rebecca Donovan

Highly recommend for those looking for an emotional read. They don't notice her and she doesn't want to be noticed. She has a 4.

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