The Shining Ones: The World's Most Powerful Secret Society Revealed Paperback – August 29, The story of The Shining Ones is the real history of mankind. On our journey to uncover the Shining Ones we will learn that history, as we know it, is a lie. download the shining ones philip gardiner - the shining ones philip gardiner the shining ones the world 39 s most secret society revealed pdf file uploaded by . the shining ones: the world's most powerful secret society revealed pdf by philip gardiner once i think that the barricades, of all religions. be.

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s3azonaws - read and download pdf ebook the shining ones at online secret society revealed pdf by philip gardiner once i think that the. societies (june , new page books) by philip gardiner, author of the shining ones, the serpent grail, gnosis: [[epub Download]] The Shining. PHILIP GARDINER of the gods in heaven—the great Shining Ones in the sky. The . ture of the sun is key to the secrets of the ancient Shining Ones.

John, Horus, Aesculapius and a thousand others. In-order to disprove the bloodline theory we also have to look at the infamous Priory of Sion nonsense. For those who know nothing of this Priory, it is simply a re-creation of a supposed secret organisation said to protect the bloodline of Christ by the fraudster Pierre Plantard. We shall reveal in our new version of The Shining Ones due Sept that the whole thing was a complete fraud to bolster the ego of Mr Plantard and make money for the local hotelier at Rennes.

Three Levels of Our Grail Re-Analysis So, with all this in mind we needed to completely re-appraise the whole mythos of the Grail and what we were to find was startling. There is the obvious tradition that the Grail is a journey, a method of self improvement and we looked into all the texts we could find with this Gnostic viewpoint in mind.

This brain or skull location became apparent in other cultures from where the European Gnostic ideas had also arisen, one of these being the Tantric Skull cups of India and even in the story of Christ as he spills his sacrificial blood at Golgotha — the place of the skull.

In essence the whole mystical process was virtually the same the world over and is commonly known today as the Kundalini. This is an Eastern tradition of attaining enlightenment and means coiled serpent. It is the method of raising up twin serpents through a specific psychological process until one is completely illuminated — obtained the Grail. In each case, from around the world, this process related to the serpent or snake or dragon, each one being for this mythical purpose the same thing.

It can be seen clearly today in the infamous image of the Caduceus upon medical insignia, ambulances, hospitals and elsewhere. It can also be seen in the powerful representation of the Uraeus serpent, which emerges from the forehead of the Egyptian pharaohs. Now what we discovered during the course of our research was the amazing occurrence of the serpent in myth, folklore and religion across the entire world and in every period.

We can see its origins even as far back as ancient Africa where even today the serpent is pinned to a tree or cross as a sacrifice for the community.

This is a continuance of a system, which stretches back in time for thousands of years. It is a symbolic element but it also has a practical level, as we shall see.

Even as late as the 16th century there were German coins caller Thalers with Christ on the cross on one side and a snake on a cross on the reverse.

The Serpent Grail : The Truth Behind the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life

Believe it or not, Eve actually means female serpent, coming from the root hawwah or hevviah, and is derived from, amongst others, the goddess Ninlil the Sumerian serpent deity also associated with the goddess Asherah, who was seen in the Temple of Jerusalem as a tree entwined with serpents. This is Gnostic language for the very knowledge to be found within oneself via the union of the male and female opposites and a whole process of psychological growth imaged as the Kundalini.

We even see the ultimate image of Godhead or enlightenment in the aura or halo seen around the heads of saints. This image we show derived from the hooded cobra of India as a symbol of immortality and divine serpentine wisdom. In Malta we uncovered elongated skulls of certain priests dating right back to the Temple building era. These skulls were created using planks of wood on the heads of babies, in-order to make the individual appear serpent headed, with long drawn eyes and stretched skin.

These people were known as serpent priests and the elongation of the skulls made the glands in the brain secrete certain mind or conscious altering inducing hormones, beneficial to the enlightenment experience and altered states of consciousness. This is a story created in the 13th century whereby St. Paul is said to have shipwrecked on Malta and subdued the vicious serpents and then to have gone on and healed people with his new found serpentine power.

Having now, we believe, sufficiently proven the fact of worldwide serpent worship, and basically reinforced what certain Victorian scholars had failed to bring full weight to because of Christian fear, we moved on and into each and everyone of these traditions. In each case the serpent or snake was a symbol of wisdom and immortality. For an explanation of this we had to turn to science, and it was really here that the whole process had started in the first place.

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The Secret Teachers of the Western World. Gary Lachman. The Angelic Origins of the Soul. The End of Illuminati: The Losing Power of Secret Societies. Greg Norton. Journey Through Many Lifetimes. David Tenneson.Ignatius Donnelly. In the first place and most strongly we have shown in the new book that Christ, as a literal man, and in all likely-hood all those surrounding him, may never have in fact existed and were created elements of a much older mystical language of enlightenment.

Dennis William Hauck. Therefore both existing theories on the Holy Grail would fall. The End of Illuminati: The Masters and Their Retreats. A Short History of Myth. There is the obvious tradition that the Grail is a journey, a method of self improvement and we looked into all the texts we could find with this Gnostic viewpoint in mind.

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