HDLC is a bit-oriented protocol. It was developed by the International Organization for. Standardization (ISO). It falls under the ISO standards ISO and ISO. Frame Format: HDLC frames contains six fields High-level Data Link Control ( HDLC) The PPP protocol uses HDLC –like frame format to. PDF | The HDLC (High-Level Data Link control) protocol has been accepted as an international standard for computer communications. As such it is very.

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Chapter 1 HDLC Configuration. HDLC Frame Format and Frame Type. Follow these steps to configure HDLC protocol: To do. This class of data link layer protocols includes High-level Data Link Control ( HDLC), Link Access. Procedure Balanced (LAPB) for X, Link Access Procedure. The High Level Data Link Control (HDLC) protocol, an ISO data link layer protocol based on the IBM SDLC, is to ensure that data passed up to the next layer has.

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MTU Considerations Applicability Statement Security Considerations IANA Considerations Pseudowire Type Normative References Informative References The reader is expected to be very familiar with the terminology and protocol constructs defined in [ RFC ]. Specification of Requirements In this document, several words are used to signify the requirements of the specification.

These words are often capitalized. For purposes of this discussion, the action of locally associating an interface running HDLC with a PW by local configuration or otherwise is referred to as "provisioning" the HDLC interface.

Waiting until the interface transitions to ACTIVE may be preferred, as it delays allocation of resources until absolutely necessary. The exact method of how this value is configured, retrieved, discovered, or otherwise determined at each LCCE is outside the scope of this document.

If so, the period and maximum number of retries MUST be configurable. The ICCN is the final stage in the session establishment, confirming the receipt of the ICRP with acceptable parameters to allow bidirectional traffic.

This gives all sessions basic dead peer and path detection between PEs.

Reserved bits MUST be set to 0 when sending, and ignored upon receipt. Encapsulation 4. Applicability Statement HDLC Pseudowires support a "port to port" or "interface to interface" deployment model operating in a point-to-point fashion. The specific negotiations and signaling of the protocol being transported are performed between Remote Systems transparently, and the LCCE does not participate in them.

For any HDLC communications session, one station is designated primary and the other secondary.

A session can use one of the following connection modes, which determine how the primary and secondary stations interact. Normal unbalanced: The secondary station responds only to the primary station. Asynchronous: The secondary station can initiate a message.

Asynchronous balanced: Both stations send and receive over its part of a duplex line. This mode is used for X. There are three fundamental types of HDLC frames. Information frames, or I-frames, transport user data from the network layer.

High-Level Data Link Control

In addition they can also include flow and error control information piggybacked on data. Supervisory Frames, or S-frames, are used for flow and error control whenever piggybacking is impossible or inappropriate, such as when a station does not have data to send.It can represent the following two cases. If the last frame was not received correctly, the N R number will be the number of the damaged frame, asking for its retransmission.

The bit is used as a token that is passed back and forth between the stations. If data is flowing in both directions full duplex , the data frames themselves carry all the information required to ensure data integrity.

If last frame received was error-free then N R number will be that of the next frame is sequence. The secondary station responds only to the primary station.

The sub-fields in the control field define these functions. Type of Routing.

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