Outros livros de David (Paul) Yonggi Cho publicados pela Editora Vida: A This book offers a thorough understanding of divine healing as it is presented. The Prayer Driven Life 1 Dedicated to Dr. David Yonggi Cho Other books by Dr . Paul Yonggi Cho: The Fourth Dimension ministry of his church and to bring. My discouragement turned into joy when I met Dr. David Yonggi Cho of the Yoido Full Dr. Cho writes this prayer principle in his book entitled Born to be Blessed. .. The apostle Paul said to the church in Ephesus, “Finally, my brethren.

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David Yonggi Cho (born 14 February as Paul Yungi Cho) is a South Korean Christian minister. He is the founder of the Yoido Full Gospel. Paul Yonggi Cho has 22 books on Goodreads with ratings. Paul Yonggi Cho's most popular book is The Fourth Dimension: Discovering a New World of. This book is dedicated to the many people who are seeking, searching, and struggling to find and walk a consistent road of faith in their.

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When you read the life of Jesus Christ you see that He always gave the command. So give the word. In James the Bible says. The church today has lost the art of giving commands. He commanded the devil to leave. The Bible says to heal the sick.

You must pray through in your prayer closet. He prayed all night. I wonder if Jesus Christ Himself could lift her up. I would look one way. At the close of the sermon the Holy Spirit suddenly spoke in my heart. A few months ago I was holding a meeting in a Western country. She was so badly twisted that I felt depressed. I asked.

She was so frightened when I called out her healing she shrieked and fainted. She is so twisted. First a blind lady was healed. One evening in the meeting we had about 1. Rise and stand up! I plainly stand before them and claim. Many people come and ask me whether I have the gift of faith.

I do not have any of the gifts. What kind of gift do I have? I will tell you the one gift I. The Holy Spirit manifests Himself through me. He dwells within us. I kept calling out healings continuously but the Holy Spirit kept saying to me.

I was foolish. I believe that is because it is the Holy Spirit who has the gifts. I slipped down and spoke with a whisper so people would not hear me. When I turned around all the people had started shouting and clapping their hands. Then people began to be healed all over the auditorium. With this gift of boldness we just launch out by faith. Then begin to speak the word about which you have been given assurance. Chapter 2. The Bible does not say that a sign shall go ahead of you.

Abide by the law of incubation. You have the resources within you. Have a desire that burns to the boiling point. Get a clear-cut goal and objective. But if the devil could do these things. So naturally we Christians. Just recently in Korea one woman was dying from a case of terminal cancer.

She went to many churches. When attending meetings of the Japanese Sokagakkai. He took her to a grotto where many were praying. In Korea many people involved in yoga are healing the sick by yoga meditation. The Fourth Dimension As there are certain steps that we must follow in order for our faith to be properly incubated.

The most important lessons that I have learned about the nature of the realm of faith began as a result of what was at first an unpleasant experience. You cannot put these things away simply as a manifestation of the devil.

In America ministers do not have this kind of problem. Now I can give a satisfying reply to any of those questions. We see many miracles in the Oriental religions.

They said. Then a glorious revelation came to my heart. Why should we claim Jehovah God as the only creator of the universe? I was quite troubled one day.

How can we call the Jehovah God the unique creator in heavenly places? We see miracles in Buddhism. I fasted and prayed. So I made their questions a matter of prayer before God. And from that time on I began to explain these things through my lectures in my church in Korea. Let me explain it to you. This chaotic world belonged to the third dimension.

When you study geometry you put up two points. And if you stack up planes one upon another then it becomes cubic. It is just one line between the points. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Who then creates. But if you add line upon line by the hundreds of thousands. The material world and the whole earth belong to the third dimension. This first dimension. You have the answer when you open the Bible and read in Genesis 1: Every human being is a spiritual being as well as a physical being.

This is what the Holy Spirit taught me. Everything was created beautiful and wonderful by the incubation of the fourth dimension. The spirit is the fourth dimension. Then God spoke to my heart. They have the fourth dimension as well as the third dimension in their hearts.

So naturally these yoga people and Buddhist believers could explore and develop their human fourth dimension. Since the spiritual world hugged the third dimension. So the spiritual kingdom of faith belongs to the fourth dimension. A new order was given out of the old. Now unbelievers. God gave power to human beings to control the material world and to have dominion over material things. After receiving this revelation from the Lord I began to easily explain the happenings and miracles of other religions.

Then the Holy Spirit said to me. They belong to Satan. We can become fantastically creative. By natural order the fourth dimension has power over the third dimension. You are developing your spirit and carrying out dominion over your body and circumstances. I know you can. The fourth dimension has the power to carry out dominion over the third dimension. People would come and challenge me. You do have certain limited powers to carry out dominion over the third dimension.

But that spirit is not a spirit with salvation. I have begun to see in America the Unitarian Church try to develop the subconscious. The Bible had that truth 2. What is the subconscious? The subconscious is your spirit. Now scientists and psychologists make a great affair of this discovery. Apostle Paul had already discovered it 2. Though the subconscious is in the fourth dimension. The Bible calls the subconscious the inner man.

Before psychology found the subconscious. I was amazed coming to America and reading the books some American ministers gave me. The subconscious has certain influence. In Genesis the Spirit of the Lord was incubating.

The fourth dimension is always creating and giving order. I was watching the television news in the U. He was like a hen sitting on her eggs. He was incubating on those acts of violence. While we do recognize certain realities and truths in these teachings. In much the same manner the Holy Spirit incubates the third dimension. There was a certain truth in that. But we are so limited in space and time.

Let me substantiate this with scriptural examples.

Only through a vision and a dream can you visualize and dream bigger churches. We dwell in limited bodies. Visions and dreams are the language of the fourth dimension. You can visualize a new mission field. You may wonder how we can incubate our subconscious. The Language of the Fourth Dimension My ministry has been revolutionized by discovering the truth of the fourth dimension. This is the reason the Holy Spirit comes to cooperate with us—to create.

Through envisioning and dreaming dreams we can kick away the wall of limitations. Through visualizing and dreaming you can incubate your future and hatch the results. Do you know why Adam and Eve fell from grace? And with that action. She looked at that tree not only once. Looking at it is harmless. In the fourth dimension either good or evil is created. In Genesis She played with the idea of eating the fruit. The devil used a tactic based on this premise.

If seeing is not important. Eve went and looked at the fruit of the tree. The Bible says in Genesis.

Eve brought that picture of the tree and fruit deep into her imagination. Then she felt so attracted to that tree. Look carefully when you read Genesis For all the land which thou seest. God has been using this language of the Holy Spirit to change many lives. You might say that the judgement was too harsh. She received that grievous judgement just because she looked back. I wish he could have had a helicopter. But since he had no binoculars and no helicopter. Lust for her former life began to take hold of her.

Just claim it. God told him to stand from his place. But God had a way to make them believe. When Abraham was almost one hundred years old. It is interesting that Abraham got his child Isaac when he was one hundred years old. When God came to him and said. This means that Abraham was totally unbelieving. Abraham saw the land. God asked. One night God said to Abraham. Scientists say that with the human eye we can count 6. God came and told him that he was going to have a child.

In his fourth dimension the Holy Spirit began to use that language. So we can imagine Abraham kept on counting and. Seeing is possession. The Holy Spirit began to carry out dominion. Abraham came out. They were both unbelieving. We also see that Sarah laughed behind the tent. He finally said. These visions and dreams carried dominion over his one-hundred-year old body.

Later on in the Bible you can read how King Abimelech tried to make Sarah his concubine: Soon tears began to well up in his eyes. Who could change Abraham so much? The Holy Spirit. He could not sleep when he closed his eyes. From that time on he believed the Word of God. A vision and dream changed Abraham. Those pictures immediately became part of his fourth dimension. When he looked up at the stars. Then God said.

I call my wife about every two days. When God created us He created in us the fourth dimension. The church is doing all the better. And even though our church has more than She would say. I use the way of faith.

I learned that even while I minister in foreign countries I can go into the fourth dimension of the Holy Spirit. We are not common animals. I used to think that the members of my church would be very anxious for my return from my trips abroad. This is the reason the Modernists are criticizing the Bible. I had always disliked the portion of scripture in verses 37 through You are blind.

The fourth dimension

I would skip it. You watch. One day while reading the Bible under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Applying the Law of the Fourth Dimension If God could use Abraham to possess the land through the miraculous fourth dimension.

There is a magnificent story about Jacob in Genesis I again came to these verses and said.

Nothing in the Bible is superstition. This is all superstition. Jacob was in turn also deceiving his uncle. Then a tremendous unveiling of truth came to me. He thought to himself. He stayed for about twenty years. They were deceiving each other. And if someway these solid colored animals give birth to spotted and speckled offspring. Those solid colored animals. In this part of his life. Jacob went to his uncle.

But his uncle changed the salary so many times that Jacob was being deceived. God felt sorry for Jacob. If you do not use the miraculous laws of faith you cannot hope to see a thousand new members added to your church each month. He said. After receiving this revelation from the Lord. Jacob looked at that wall so much that his mind became. There Jacob would stand. Now I can use him without paying much salary. The Bible says that soon afterward all those animals gave birth to spotted and speckled offspring.

Jacob went out to the mountain. He made a wall out of those now spotted and speckled tree rods. God created a vision and dream in the mind of Jacob. His subconscious before had been full of poverty. Animals can never have an imagination in the way we do. You can rather take the promises. In the next chapter we read that the cattle did give birth to spotted and speckled offspring. The Holy Spirit punched the proper keys for the necessary genes.

There are over 8. When Jacob began to learn the language of the Holy Spirit. You do not need to go to the mountain to cut down a hazel. You can converse with another person only through a known language. Jacob soon began to have a vast multitude of spotted and speckled animals. A man calling from Seoul National Hospital asked. Anybody and everybody can come gaze upon this spotted and speckled tree.

Later an urgent telephone call came in the early morning hours of Christmas day. Now let me share something from my personal experience with you. A taxi hit him. God put up another spotted and speckled tree. So if a driver hit. Long after Jacob. And this tree was not spotted and speckled by a penknife.

These promises. He was in a car accident. One Christmas Eve I was busy preparing a sermon. When we opened his stomach. Since it was late evening and no one saw. There is no hope. We could do nothing. The man did not die. He was so carried away with the joy of giving these presents. He is dying. The doctor again said there would be no hope. The impact of the accident had badly impaired his intestines.

Medically speaking. He was without medical attention for such a long time that blood poisoning has set in. His doctor knew me and called.

This member had bought a beautiful hat. There will be no way for us to cure him? I replied. I opened my eyes. He says good-bye to his wife. He goes to his office.

I knelt beside him and said. Let him come out of the coma for five minutes. You must change your imagination and thinking. Change your vision and dream. They go into the house. Evening arrives and he downloads nice gifts for his wife. I knew then that I had five minutes. As long as you keep saying that you will die. Picture a young man. When he arrives she rushes out to the gate and welcomes him with a big hug and kiss.

They started giggling and laughing at me. As I knelt down and grabbed hold of his bed. I command this man to be whole and to be filled with healing power! While we were talking this surgeon had come in with his nurses.

Keep on dreaming about that man. You just draw a mental picture. Look at that man and say in your heart. He has a vision and a dream. Will you do that? But I was serious. That man is you! Think of that man! Draw that picture in your mind. Rush into his physical body.

Like a missionary on a foreign field who gains a deeper level of communication with the local people of that country by learning to speak their language directly. Suddenly the group of unbelieving nurses said. I say to myself. He is now in the chemical business. We created. One day I was in my office. The surgeon and those nurses began to feel fire. She has become a hippie. There was no heat. Their ears turned red. The heat is too high. My boys are dying. Whenever I see him on Sunday morning.

She is a prostitute! Because of your daughter. You were presenting the wrong kind of mental blueprint to Him. Pastor Cho. In your mind you were always submitting just the picture of a prostitute.

You kneel down here. Perform miracles. Through Jesus. We know we are drawing the right kind of picture since we are coming to the foot of the cross. Can you draw that picture through the blood of Jesus Christ?

One Sunday. I can change my image about my daughter. There was no more crying. Keep that clear-cut. Then the Holy Spirit can use you. Dear Holy Spirit. Her mother brought her to the church for a period of two or three months.

He did. She became an absolutely new creation in Christ. In the morning when she woke up she felt dirty and wretched. One night her daughter had been sleeping in a motel with a man. Her mother had prayed. She greeted her daughter.

Her mother came out. She felt a great unhappiness in her spirit. The daughter was absolutely overwhelmed by the love of her mother.

She had welcomed her daughter on the spot.

She listened to the sermons. Throughout Scripture God always made use of this law of the fourth dimension. Look at Moses. Before he built the tabernacle he was called to Mount Sinai. This was true even of the Apostle Peter. Even though Joseph was taken as a slave to Egypt. God gave visions to Isaiah. Before he was sold as a slave God had already imprinted in his heart pictures in the fourth dimension. They were happily married in that church, and on their marriage day her mother took that paper written with the ten points, and read it publicly before the people, then tore it up.

It sounds like a story, but it really works like that. I want to remind you of one thing: God is within you. God never works anything independently of you that concerns your life. God is only going to work through your thinking, through your beliefs; so, whenever you want to receive answers from the Lord, bring out that clear-cut objective.

Do not say, Oh, God, bless me, bless me! Do you know how many blessings the Bible has? Over 8, promises. If you say, Oh God, bless me, then God might ask you, What kind of blessing out of over 8, promises do you want?

So be very definite. Take out your notebook, write it down, see it clearly. I always ask God to give a revival to my church according to a definite number. In I began to pray, God, give us one thousand more members each year. And until , one thousand members were added to my church every year. But in , I changed my mind and thought, If God could give on ethousand members per year, why shouldnt I ask God to give one thousand members per month?

So since I started praying, Father, give us one thousand members per month. At first God gave , then He began to give more than 1, per month. Last year we received more than 12, members in our church. I lifted my goal higher this year, and we are now going to have 15, additional members; next year I can easily ask for 20, If you have a definite request, and if you really see it, then you can have it.

When I was building the present church structure, which seats 10,, even before they poured the concrete, I saw it clearly in my imagination. I walked hundreds of times in that building, and I felt the magnificent presence of the Holy Spirit there. I felt the magnitude of that church, a thrill to my heart. You must see your objective so vividly and graphically that you can really feel it in your emotions. If you do not exercise this law of faith you can never really get an answer to everything you request.

Now in my prayers I always try to see clearly. I want to see my objective so vividly that I feel a thrill in my heart. It is then that this first condition is completed. Have A Burning Desire Secondly, if you have a vivid picture, you should have a burning desire for those objectives.

The Fourth Dimension Volume 1 - David Yonggi Cho.pdf

Many people just pray casually, God, answer my prayer, and before walking out of the church have forgotten all the things they prayed for. That kind of attitude will never bring the faith and touch of God. You need to have a burning desire.

Proverbs reads, The desire of the righteous shall be granted. Psalms says, Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart. You should have a burning desire for a goal, and you must keep on seeing that goal accomplished. When I started my ministry in , I had a burning desire in my soul, a burning goal to build the largest church in Korea.

That desire was burning in me so much that I was living with it, sleeping with it, and walking with it. Now after twenty years it has been said that my church is the largest church in the world. You have to have a burning desire in your heart. If you do not have a burning desire, then wait and ask God to impart His desire to your heart. God does not like the lukewarm, for He specializes only in the red-hot; if you have that red-hot burning desire, then you are going to have results.

Pray for Assurance Third, you must have the substance, or assurance. Substance in the Greek language ishupostasis. In the English language this can be translated title deed, or legal paper.

When you have a clear goal, and you have this desire burning in your heart to a boiling point, then you should kneel down and pray until you receive the substance, the assurance. When I was conducting a meeting in Hawaii, one Japanese woman came and asked me how long she should pray to receive assurance. I told her that sometimes it takes only a minute, and if she would have peace and assurance in her heart in that instant, she would not need to pray any longer.

But, I told her, it could sometimes take two minutes, two hours, two weeks, two months, or two years; but whatever the length of time, you should pray through until you have this substance.

Westerners are often wrapped up in the problem of trying to live according to schedules. Everything is rush, rush, rush. Soon they start losing the time to have fellowship with family and friends, and even the time to wait upon the Lord. Everything seems instant: instant breakfast, T. So when going to church they seem to pray, Oh, God, answer me. I have no time five minuteand if you dont answer me quickly, forget about it.

They are not waiting upon the Lord. Americans have often turned churches into a place for lengthy entertainment.

Presentation Secrets Of Steve Jobs: How to Be Great in Front of Audience

In Korea we have gotten rid of all that entertainment. We make our announcements very short, with the Word of God taking preeminence. After preaching the Word of God we have two or three specialsthen we conclude. But the Word of God is always uppermost. I had been invited to speak in an evening service at a church in Alabama. The service opened at seven oclock, and the announcements and musical preliminaries took almost two hours;I got sleepy just sitting there.

The people also began to feel tired, and the preacher came to me and said, Cho, please speak only ten minutes tonight. We have a wonderful television program coming on tonight, so I want you to preach for only ten minutes. I had come all the way from Korea, by his invitation, to speak ten minutes that evening. In such a church you cannot have the Lords full blessings. In a church there needs to be a long time of waiting upon the Lord, and of praising Him, as well as a solid preaching of the Word of God; that builds faith.

And you must wait upon the Lord until you get the assurance. When we needed five million dollars to build the church already contracted, I had a clear-cut vision, a clear-cut goal, and a burning desire to build this church which would seat 10, people.

But my heart was full of fear. I was shaky, fearful, and I had no assurance. I was like a frightened rabbit, and that five million dollars looked like Mount Everest. To rich foreigners a million dollars may mean relatively little; but to Koreans a million dollars means a great deal of money. So I began to pray like a person dying. I said, Lord, now theyve started working.

But still I have no assurance. I dont know where we can get all this money. I began travailing. A month passed, and still I had no peace and no assurance. A second month passed and I was praying into the middle of the nights. I would roll out of the bed and go to the corner and cry, sobbing my heart out. My wife thought that I was losing my mind, but I was mentally blinded.

I would just stand, without thinking, worrying about the five million dollars. After I prayed incessantly like that for three months, one morning my wife called, Honey, breakfast is ready. As I was walking out of my study, just about to sit in the chair, suddenly the heavens opened up and the tremendous blessings of the Lord poured into my heart!

And this great title deed, the substance and the assurance, were imparted into my soul. Suddenly I jumped out of my chair like a shot and I began to shout, Ive got it, Ive got it, oh, Ive got it!!

My wife rushed out of the kitchen and when I looked at her I saw that her face was absolutely pale. She was frightened, and taking me, said, Honey, whats happened to you? Are you all right? Sit down. Ive got it! I, replied. What do you have? I have five million dollars, I strongly asserted. Then she said , You are really crazy now. Really crazy. But Honey, Ive got all these five million dollars inside of me.

Theyre growing now! Oh, inside me its growing!! Suddenly those five million dollars had turned into a small pebble on my palm. I prayed with assurance. My faith reached out, and I grabbed hold that five million dollars; it was mine.

I got the substance, and once you have the substance the title deed, the legal paperwhether you see those things or not, legally those things are bound to come to you because legally those things belong to you. So pray through until you have this assurance. I prayed through the early part of this year and God gave me the assurance of a total of 50, members in my church. So I claimed it, and in my heart I see 50, members. Those members are inside of me, growing, and as the vision grows inside of me, the same is growing outside.

This is the secret: pray until you get the substance, the assurance. Speak the Word Fourth, you should show evidence of your faith. The Bible says God raised the dead. That means that God performed miracles, calling those things which be not as if they were.

Abraham was one hundred years old, and Sarah was ninety. They had a clear-cut goalto have a son. They had a burning desire to have this son, and they prayed for twenty- five years. Eventually God gave them a promise, and when they received the assurance, God immediately changed their names: You are no more Abram, but Abraham, the father of many nations; and you should not call your wife Sarai, but Sarah, the princess.

Abraham protested to God, Father, people will laugh at us.

We dont even have a puppy in our home, and you mean you want us to change our names to father of many nations, and princess? My, all the people in town will call us crazy! But God might have said, If you ever want to work with me you should do as I do. I call those things which be not as if they were, and if you dont speak boldly as if you already had what now is not, then you are out of my category.

So Abraham changed his name.

He came to his wife and said, Wife, now my name is changed. I am no more Abram, but Abraham, the father of many nations, for God changed my name. Your name is no more Sarai;but Sarah. Evening came and Abraham was walking far down in the valley. Sarah prepared a meal and she called to her husband, Abraham! The supper is ready, those phrases reverberating throughout all of the village.

The village people stopped working. They probably said, Listen! She is calling her husband Abraham, the father of many nations! Oh, poor Sarah! She wanted to have a child so badly in her ninetieth year that shes started calling her husband the father of many nations!

Shes lost her mind. Oh, we feel sorry for her. Then suddenly they heard a big baritone sound from the valley. Sarah, Im coming. Oh, hes in the same boat! Theyre crazy together. But Abraham and Sarah ignored the criticism of the villagers. They talked back to each other: the father of many nations, and the princess. And exactly as they called each other, exactly as they gave affirmation, they had a beautiful child, Isaac, meaning smile.

Brothers and sisters, do you like to see a smile? Do you like smiles in your home? Do you like to have a smile in your businesses and churches? Use the law of faith! Then you can see the birth of Isaac again and again in your life. Miracles come not by blindly struggling. There are laws in the spiritual realm, and you have endless resources in your heart.

God is dwelling within you; but God is not going to do anything for you without coming through your own life. God is going to cooperate with you to accomplish great things. God is the same, for Jehovah never changes; but before a person changes, God cannot manifest himself to them. God used Moses and Joshua, and other men of giant faith; but when they passed away and people began to backslide, God stopped manifesting His power.

God wants to manifest Himself through you today, just as He manifested Himself through Christ , years ago. He is just as powerful as He was before, and He is depending upon you. I claim that I could build a church which has more than 0, members very easily in the States, as well as in Germany or in Tokyo, for the vision for a church is not built in the external world, but inside a man or woman.

What becomes pregnant in your heart and mind is going to come out in your circumstances. Watch your heart and your mind more than anything else. Do not try to find the answer of God through another person, for Gods answer comes to your spirit and through your spirit the answer comes to your circumstances.

Claim and speak the word of assurance, for your word actually goes out and creates. God spoke and the whole world came into being. Your word is the material which the Holy Spirit uses to create. So give the word, for this is very important. The church today has lost the art of giving commands. We Christians are becoming perennial beggars, for constantly we are begging.

The Egyptians are coming. God rebuked him saying, Moses, why are you crying to me? Give the command and the Red Sea shall be divided. There are times for you to pray, but there are also times for you to give the command. You must pray through in your prayer closet, but when you come out to the battlefield, you are coming to give the word of creation.

When you read the life of Jesus Christ you see that He always gave the command. He prayed all night, but when He came out to the front lines He commanded that the people be healed. He commanded the sea to be calm. He commanded the devil to leave. And His disciples did exactly the same thing. Rise up in the name of Jesus Christ! To the body of a dead woman Peter commanded, Dorcas, rise up! To the cripple at Lystra Paul commanded, Stand on your feet!

He gave the word of creation. The Bible says to heal the sick. In James the Bible says, The prayer of faith shall save the sick.If your soul is not right with God, no amount of prayer, shouting or jumping will bring the rhema of healing to you.

In spite of Korean culture being 'male-oriented', Cho took these steps because 'God showed me'. We order him in the name of Jesus Christ. Eventually he bled so badly he was carried to the hospital and operated on.

His original name was Simon. I could hardly walk through that town because women would gather to look at me and giggle. It is as if theyre inside me, growing right now.

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