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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Brims with all the grand topics of literature — love and death, download a site site eBooks site Unlimited Prime Reading Best Sellers & More site Book Deals Free Reading Apps site Singles Newsstand . captain corellis Pages·· MB·7 Downloads. `Captain Corelli's Mandolin is a wonderful, hypnotic novel of fabulous scope and. Read "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" by Louis de Bernieres available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get £3 off your first download. It is and Captain.

The characters are delightful and complicated, and the glimpses you get of the non-main characters are intoxicating.

De Bernieres provides priceless description and personification of non-humans, including various animal species, musical instruments, and countries.

The book comments on politics in a thoughtful way, but doesn't oversimplify or beat you over the head with anything. Also, I've read some of the author's remarks about the book, its popularity, and some reactions to it, and I find him very reasonable and likable.

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For example, his comment on the movie version of this book: "It would be impossible for a parent to be happy about its baby's ears being put on backwards. NOT SO!

Sure, its pretty much the same story, but the beauty of the book is in De Berniere's writing style: poetic, vivid, and simply sublime! Plus, there's something about being set on a Greek island that makes it that much more appealing.

The book moved me, the movie made me cringe This is the kind of book that, if written by an American, would have gotten the Pulitzer price.

The characters are believable and you grow to love them. The Italians who occupy Greece thus are freed from their duties.

However, the German soldiers on Cephallonia turn on the Italians, and order a massive execution.

Corelli's life is saved by Carlo Guercio, who shields him with his body when they face execution by firing squad. Guercio dies, and the wounded Corelli is aided by a Greek man back to Pelagia's house. Corelli has to stay hidden from the German soldiers, whose orders are to kill any surviving Italians.

As soon as he is well enough, Corelli escapes to Italy, promising Pelagia that he will return as soon as the war ends and then they will be married. Corelli leaves Antonia, his mandolin, with Pelagia for safekeeping. The Germans become brutal, and Dr Iannis is sent to a camp. Mandras returns, indoctrinated with Communist ideologies and having learned to read.

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He has read Pelagia's letters and knows that she does not love him, so he tries to rape her. Ashamed, he later commits suicide.

Some time after, a baby girl is left on Pelagia's doorstep, whom Pelagia adopts. Dr Iannis comes home traumatised.

Life goes on in Cephallonia, though interrupted by the Ionian earthquake , in which Iannis dies. Yet Corelli does not return, though Pelagia is convinced she sees his ghost. The baby girl, whom Pelagia has named Antonia, grows up and marries. Many years later, an old man visits Pelagia, who is revealed to be Antonio Corelli, now a famous mandolin player. He explains that he did not visit before because, having seen her with baby Antonia on her doorstep and believing her to be married, he was bitter.

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The novel ends on a happy note. Major themes Captain Corelli's Mandolin explores many varieties of love. We see the initial lust-based love between Pelagia and Mandras, which burns out as a result of the war, and the change it prompts in both of them.

Corelli and Pelagia's slow-developing love is the central focus of the novel. Love is described by Dr Iannis as "what is left when the passion has gone", and it certainly appears that this criterion is fulfilled by the love of Corelli and Pelagia. The paternal love of Iannis for Pelagia is also strong and is heavily compared and contrasted to that of Corelli. The theme of music is predominant, offering a direct contrast to the horror and destruction that the war brings and showing how something beautiful can arise from something horrible.

Corelli’s Mandolin

The war is described in graphic detail, particularly the death of Francesco. It is responsible for the fall of Mandras and Weber, the deaths of Carlo and Francesco, and the separation of Pelagia and Corelli. Dr Iannis spends much of his spare time attempting to write a history of Cephallonia, but he often finds his personal feelings and biasses running through whatever he writes.Read An Excerpt.

Kate Mascarenhas.

However, the German soldiers on Cephallonia turn on the Italians, and order a massive execution. Related articles. The beauty of Bernieres' unique and deeply moving novel is his insistence that our hope lies in these seemingly quixotic impulses.

The Italian army is hopelessly incompetent, and eventually German forces arrive and drive back the Greek army, thus paving the way for Italy to occupy Greece.

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