These interview questions are more specific to the administrator role. If you struggle to It gives you the opportunity to do some wider reading, enrol on a Salesforce course, or even Typical interview questions and answers. In this section we. Top 30 Salesforce Admin Interview Questions and Answers Pdf, For You to crack your interview and to achieve your Technologies is one. salesforce administrator interview questions: Check salesforce interview questions and answers, sfdc interview questions and answers , in PDF .

Salesforce Administrator Interview Questions Pdf

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+ Salesforce Admin Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: Suppose if a record meets workflow criteria for time based workflow action, the action goes. This is list of most often asked Salesforce admin interview questions by top enterprises around the world. This list includes topics like difference between. Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers object, administrator want to give access Edit and create operations to him without changing the profile.

What are Charts?

Salesforce Admin Related Tutorials

Answer: Graphical representation of data of a single Summary or Matrix Report. Answer: Set up cases sharing to be private. If both users are admins or have view all records on cases, then that overrides private sharing Can we create Master Detail relationship on existing records? Answer: No.

Salesforce Admin Interview Questions & Answers

First, we have to create the lookup relationship then populate the value on all existing record and then convert it. What will happen if the Account is deleted? Contact and Opportunity are related to that Account. What is a Campaign? Audit dates such as SystemModStamp.

Custom fields marked as an External ID or a unique field. How to handle comma within a field while uploading using Data Loader?

In a Data Loader. What are the types of custom settings in Salesforce? What is the advantage of using custom settings? The advantage of using custom settings is that it allows developers to create a custom set of access rules for various users and profiles. Only one rule can be active at a time. What are custom labels in Salesforce? What is the character limit of custom label?

Custom labels are custom text values that can be accessed from Apex classes or Visualforce pages. The values here can be translated into any language supported by Salesforce. You can create up to 5, custom labels for your organization, and they can be up to 1, characters in length.

What is the difference between a Role and Profile in Salesforce? As mentioned in one of the previous Salesforce interview questions, a profile will ultimately control access to which records a user has in a Salesforce org.

No user can work on the Salesforce org without being assigned a profile. Role however is not mandatory for every user.

Top 30 Salesforce Admin Interview Questions and Answers Pdf

An example of that is Sales Managers getting access to records owned by Sales Reps while their peers do not get access to it. What are the examples of non-deterministic Force.

Before I mention some of the examples, let me give you an introduction to deterministic and non-deterministic formula fields.

Formula fields whose value will be static are referred to as deterministic fields.

Whereas, formula fields whose value will be changed dynamically or whose values will have to be calculated on the fly, they are referred to as non-deterministic formula fields. A classic example of that is a formula returning the current date and time.

Some examples of non-deterministic fields in Force. Software Testing — Salesforce Interview Questions Why do we need to write test classes?

How to identify if a class is a test class? Software developers from around the world will unanimously agree that writing code in test classes makes debugging more efficient. That is because test classes help in creating robust and error-free code be it Apex or any other programming language.

Since Unit tests are powerful in their own right, Salesforce requires you to write test classes in Apex code. Why are they so powerful?

Because test classes and test methods verify whether a particular piece of code is working properly or not. Test classes can be determined easily because every test class will be annotated with isTest keyword. In fact, if we do not annotate a test class with isTest, then it cannot be defined as a test class. What is minimum test coverage required for trigger to deploy?

And all these tests must complete successfully. What are the different ways of deployment in Salesforce? You can deploy code in Salesforce using: Change Sets Force.

Integration — Salesforce Interview Questions What is an external ID in Salesforce? Which all field data types can be used as external IDs? An external ID is a custom field which can be used as a unique identifier in a record. When importing records, one among the many fields in those records need to be marked as an external ID unique identifier. An important point to note is that only custom fields can be used as External IDs.

How many callouts to external service can be made in a single Apex transaction? You can expose your Apex class and methods so that external applications can access your code and your application through the REST architecture. You can then use global classes and a WebService callback method. Developers who expose methods using the Apex REST annotations should therefore take care that they are not inadvertently exposing any sensitive data.

What is the difference between a standard controller and a custom controller? Standard controller in Apex, inherits all the standard object properties and standard button functionality directly. It contains the same functionality and logic that are used for standard Salesforce pages. Custom controller is an Apex class that implements all of the logic for a page without leveraging a standard controller.

Custom Controllers are associated with Visualforce pages through the controller attribute. How can we implement pagination in Visualforce? To control the number of records displayed on each page, we use pagination.

By default, a list controller returns 20 records on the page. To customize it, we can use a controller extension to set the pageSize. How can you call a controller method from JavaScript? To call a controller method Apex function from JavaScript, you need to use actionfunction. Look at the below piece of code to understand how a controller method is called using actionfunction. Custom report types in salesforce allows us to build framework in the report wizard when creating custom reports.

This custom reports can be created between standard and custom objects. Who can run Reports? In Salesforce. What is a bucket field in reports? In salesforce reports, bucket fields are used to categorize reports records.

When we use bucket field in reports there is no need of creating formula or a custom field.

Is it possible to delete reports using Data loader? No, it is not possible to delete reports using data loaders.

What are Dashboards? Salesforce Dashboards are the graphical representation and visual presentation of reports data in salesforce.

What are the different Dashboard Components? Salesforce dashboard components are used to represent data.

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Salesforce dashboards have some visual representation components like graphs, charts, gauges, tables, metrics and visualforce pages. We can use up to 20 components in single dashboard. What are dynamic Dashboards?

Dynamic dashboards in Salesforce displays set of metrics that we want across all levels of your organization. Enterprise Editions can use five dynamic dashboards and Unlimited edition can use ten dashboards. Can we schedule dynamic dashboards? No, we can not schedule dynamic dashboards for refresh. It must be done manually. Explain dynamic Dashboard. Dynamic Dashboards in salesforce are Created to provide security settings for the dashboards in salesforce.

There are two setting option in Dashboards. They are Run as specified User. User who have permissions in managed dashboard can access drag and drop dashboard. Which type of report can be used for dashboard components?

Summary reports and Matrix reports are used for dashboard components. Which permission is required to set the running user other than you in dashboard?

Floating report headers enables us to display the column header visible on each page when we scroll the report page. What is Analytical Snapshot in Salesforce. Analytical Snapshot in Salesforce are used to create reports on historical data.

What is Workflow? Different Workflow Components available in salesforce? In salesforce. Workflow rules.In salesforce reports, bucket fields are used to categorize reports records. In Field dependency, we have to fields controlling filed and dependent field.

Pls stay in touch. We need to load into an object that is not yet supported by web-based importing. When The Add Time Trigger button is unavailable? Here country is controlling field and State is dependent field.

In salesforce. For coding and testing MB-Refresh once per day Full sandbox: Self Service Portal Customer Portal: Examples include contact mailing lists and activity reports.

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